Our Company

VerbiVis was founded in 1997 with the aim of providing high-quality language services to clients all over the world. From Brussels to Hong Kong, our company has established itself as a trusted language provider to both public and private clients, including EU institutions, which we have served as a translation contractor for the past 20 years.

Our Freelancers

We believe that a high-quality translation lies in the people behind it. As such, we rely on a team of over 500 hand-picked, fully qualified and experienced professionals who work exclusively into their mother tongue.

Our Team

The success of every project hinges on the work of our team of young, dynamic and trusted professionals. From project manager to reviser, we all work in close collaboration and apply stringent quality procedures throughout the process.


Lucia Del Vita

Managing Director

Lucia created VerbiVis in 1997, pursuing her dream to be an entrepreneur working in a multilingual and multicultural environment. She still likes to say that her most valuable natural skill is imagination.

Over the years, she has gained a wealth of experience with regard to managing high-level translation projects, focusing on the selection and training of highly-qualified translators and revisers, and on the quality of the translation services provided.


Ginevra Billeri

Administrative Assistant

Ginevra has been working as a full-time project manager at VerbiVis since September 2015, when she was actively involved in the logistical and administrative coordination of two high-level events organised in the framework of EXPO Milan 2015. Her sound background in engineering management allows her to be a smart performer with figures and multi-task coordination, unexpectedly paired by a natural empathy and warmth. She speaks English, French and Italian, her native language. She has sophisticated culinary skills and a passion for visual arts.


Claire Elizondo

In-house French Translator & Reviser Trainee

After completing her Master’s Degree in Translation from the Louvain School of Translation and Interpreting and having worked as a Lifesciences Translation Project Manager, Claire joined the VerbiVis team in June 2017 as a full-time in-house translator and reviser. She translates from English and Spanish into French and particularly enjoys the pharmaceutical and legal fields, although she covers many areas of specialization, from agriculture to financial. During her free time she enjoys learning new languages as well as building on the ones she already masters, and traveling.

Natacha Melen

Full-Time Translator Trainee

After being awarded a Master’s degree in Translation from the University of Liège, Natacha joined VerbiVis in October 2017. Her working languages are English, Spanish and French, her mother tongue. She translates texts for the European Commission and the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the UE. She is a passionate globe-trotter.

Pauline Cloes

Full-Time Translator Trainee

Pauline has a bachelor’s degree in translation from the University of Liège and a master’s degree in conference interpreting from the University of Granada. Her working languages are English, Spanish and French, her mother tongue, and she has also good knowledge of Italian. She’s a passionate about languages and loves working in an international environment.